Wednesday, October 19, 2011

We Had Us a WEDDING!

Quote for the Day:
"Love doesn't make the world go round. Love makes the ride worthwhile."
-Franklin P. Jones

Well, I've been mentioning in some of my previous blog entries that my niece, Kristin, would soon be tying the knot!  And, she did!   :)

This past weekend, Andy & I traveled to Wisconsin to be there to help Kristin & Jeff celebrate their Happy Day!  :)  The trip was LONG and four out of the five days we were gone were spent In.The.Car.  :(   By the last day of travel, I was going "stir-crazy" and was about to get out of the car and WALK the rest of the way home!   (And by that time, I think Andy would have LET me!  LOL)

This blog is going to be laden with pictures, so let's get started!  

This is the groom, Jeff, being walked down the aisle by his two beautiful daughters, who, by the way, were also his witnesses instead of having a "best man".

My sister, Bev, and her husband, Denny...the parents of the bride...

Two of my nieces,
Tina, the maid-of-honor and sister of the bride...
and Kristin, the bride, in the background waiting to come in...

The bride, Kristin

Presenting the new Mr. & Mrs.!!

Kristin is a very creative person and did everything herself (except for the catering).  She made her invitations, her and her maid-of-honor's bouquets (out of vintage broaches!!!), all the corsages and boutonnieres,  and all of the decorations on the dining tables!  I wish I had some good close-up pictures of the bouquets, but I don't.  Sorry.  :(

But here are some examples of the beautiful vignettes that she designed that were on the banquet tables...

Kristin MADE all of the flowers on the tables from organza!!  
She said she heated the edges to get them to curl in like a flower!  
What talent!!!

Not every vase had flowers in them..
.some were left empty and simply graced the table...

Their last name begins with "H", so there were
H's scattered about in the decorations!

The food was delish, and we had our choice of ham and "fixins", Chinese food, fish, and taco makings!  She definitely had all everyone covered with those choices!  :)  

There was no standard wedding cake, though there was a small round cake for them to "cut" for pictures.  However, in place of the traditional wedding cake, there was a vast array of desserts to choose from, all displayed in serving sizes...ready for you to choose!  

And if I was a good blogger, I would have taken pictures of all of it!  LOL  

But, alas, what I did get pictures of was family...(and even missed getting pics of a few of them, too).  Sorry.  :(

After the dinner in the church reception hall, we all drove over to the bowling alley (next to the motel that Kristin had arranged for us all to stay at).  Kristin & Jeff had rented a party room and lanes at the bowling alley for all of us to enjoy the remainder of the evening.  Munchies were served in the reserved room and people were free to come and go, and visit as they wished.

These are some of the pictures from the bowling alley...

The bride and groom in their bowling shoes!

Andy in his suit and bowling shoes!

It was a blessing to be able to see Jeff & Kristin get married and to share in their happiness, and to visit with family!    Thank you for letting us celebrate with you!  May your lives be truly blessed!


  1. Thank you for coming to the wedding! I love to see all these pictures - I hadn't seen any yet of the decorations, so that was good to see.
    I see that you left out any pictures of yourself...

  2. Actually, I am in ONE pic..the one with Andy & Barb & me! :) It's the ONLY pic I have on my camera that I was in! LOL

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  4. Thank you for sharin' pics of the wedding! We're sad we didn't get to go. :( It looks like everyone had a great time and it was a beautiful wedding. Love the reception tables!!!

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog entry and pix of
    T H E W E D D I N G!! I couldn't help but laugh, smile and show my co-workers while re-counting our weekend we shared together!! I think I actually got * moist * in the eyes just looking at your pix....!!!
    ~Susana in Indy

  6. And THIS is why I love blogs! I'm just up here in AK reminiscing... Love you!