Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Welcome to my blog...

Quote for the day:
Chocolate-coated truth tastes better...
but it's probably not as good for you.

Well...I've been *thinking* about blogging for a while now...and I guess I finally got up the nerve to do it!  :)

My impetus for starting the blog today is that I've decided to embark on a journey that I have read about on other blogs...so it's not an original idea...sorry...   But I can learn to live with that fact...rarely anything I do is an original idea...but I'm GREAT at researching and learning from others!  :)

In April of this year I hosted my 50th Birthday party for friends and family.  In the getting ready for the party I went through some (but not enough) decluttering.  Then this past spring, Andy did a lot of decluttering in the basement which houses most of his stuff, ie. tools, etc.  I/we still have waaaayyy too much stuff...stuff that we don't use...stuff we don't need...stuff that needs to leave our property for greener pastures...

Therefore, I am going to attempt something that I have seen on other blogs...365 things in 365 days.  The goal is to get rid of at least one thing per day.  This can include donating items to charity, giving items away to persons you know that can use them, trashing items, selling items on eBay, Freecycling items (www.freecycle.org), or putting them in a pile for yardsaling....but the yardsaling thing counts ONLY if you actually have a yardsale!  LOL  And, yes...we do have at least one yardsale a year.

If anyone wants to come along and join me on this quest, I whole-heartedly invite you to join me.   In my quilting my motto is "Better Done Than Perfect"...and this is going to be my motto for this undertaking, too.  The goal is go get rid of clutter...never mind trying to follow the rules perfectly. 

I invite comments from you on anything, but especially if you get rid of something that day, let me know what it is.

Sooooo...let me get this party started...

The first item(s) out the door today are 2 skin care items that I've had in my bathroom cabinet for at least 5 years...I didn't like them, but because they cost money I never wanted to throw them out.  Now they are way past the point of being useful and even if they were still useful, I wouldn't use them...I've already proven that point...LOL...so...in the trash they went!


  1. Woohoo!! Just as long as you dont get rid of anything of mine! LOL Love You!!

  2. Trash? Are you kidding?? Still good!

  3. Great idea Loretta even if it isnt original. I think I just might have to join you in this one. Heck I could prob do the 365 just in my bathroom alone. I have so many lotions,perfumes,ointments,shampoo (hotel samples that ronnie brings home grrrr) yet I don't throw them out, go figure.
    Im going to enjoy keeping up with your blog.
    Love you!!

  4. The best way to declutter is to move! After 7 years in the apartment, I donated, tossed, and finally had stuff on an auction when I bought the condo. I believe that my half of the flatrack at the auction was called the "Garage Sale Special."

  5. Gratz on your new adventure! :) I could definitely use some decluttering around our apartment. I agree with Kristin, it does help out a lot when you move, however when you haven't moved in a while or aren't planning on moving anytime soon it can take some work to get yourself up to going through all the stuff that has collected since your last move.

    Even though I'm starting a day behind I think I'll start on this day with you and just do both days. So for this day...
    I have a good sized collection of purses. I keep them because I sometimes go back and use them again if I cannot afford a new purse and am tired of the current one I'm using. I am throwing away the ones that are too damaged to donate and donating the rest that aren't my favorites. No need to keep on keeping purses I'm not going to go back and use. :)

  6. If you tossed two skin care items today does one count for tomorrow's item? LOL

    I heard a neat idea and tried it, but somehow haven't strictly adhered to it... but someone else might... The idea is for every item you bring into the house one must leave in its place. For example if you buy a new sweater you must dispose of one other piece of clothing from your closet. This also applies to art pictures, mirrors, furniture, etc.

    Another thing I have found helpful is to keep what I use handy (cosmetics etc,) and store the rest in a plastic container away from the rest. If I don't have to get it from the storage closet for a month or so, then chances are I don't need it, so then I can sort and pitch without the guilt or uncertainty!

    A wonderful system for items in the fridge... Use a sharpie to date them when you bring them home and its amazing how much old mustard, catsup,and other items we can pitch sooner than later.

    Hope these tips help. I've still "hoard" a lot (Collect sounds better but since we are being honest...) but I'm getting better! LOL

  7. Hi again! I have a problem with doing this on a daily basis, like you are doing, so I've decided to do a "once a week" clearance on weekends. I'm tossing more items and /or larger items, and making just as much headway. I also find I can get into a more "daring" mood easier if I set it up as a weekend project. Today I tossed a piece of broken furniture that I have kept for several years. (Why?) Also tossed some old fabric and a window blind. I'm still cleaning and tossing today, so who knows what else may go! LOL