Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Test Block...

I recently purchased this pattern to make this beautiful quilt...Cottage Blossoms, by Lella Boutique,  

Last night I thought I'd make a test block to see how it goes together...

OOPS!!!  That leaf on the right didn't quite turn out the correct way!  I added those white squares to the wrong corners of the "leaf"!  LOL

And this, Folks, is why I always make a test block first before I dive into the actual quilt!!!  

Other than that sad leaf, I really like the block!  It went together fairly quickly with scraps that I pulled from my scrap-user's system (ala Bonnie Hunter).  These blocks are HUGE!  They finish out at something like 17" x 23.5".  You can't tell it from the picture of the finished quilt, but it is 77" x 81.5".  I think I'm going to add another border to make it slightly bigger for a queen-sized bed.  Anyway...there's only 12 of these blocks to make, so I'm hoping to get it done fairly quickly...right after I put the label on the quilt I just finished up (pics to follow in the not-to-distant future).


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