Saturday, June 27, 2015

And, Yet...ANOTHER Quilt Gifted....

Kate, the daughter of a close friend, is getting married in July and Andy & I have been invited to attend.  In May, she contacted me and asked if I'd make a quilt for people to sign as a guest book at the wedding.  It was short notice and I was a little hesitant, but after thinking it over I gladly said I would.

After we returned from our family visit to Illinois I was able to get started on it.  From there it came together quickly.  

Kate told me the colors and then let me take creative license from there.  I had it finished in about two weeks and was able to gift it to her at her bridal shower two weeks ago.

Susan (mother of the bride), Kate (the bride), and me...
I think Kate looks like she likes it!  :)

I had no pattern for it...just a picture I had found on Pinterest.  I downloaded the picture, printed it out, and developed my own pattern from there!  

I cut 5" strips from fat quarters and used my Easy Angle ruler to sub-cut the triangles from the strips.  The blocks were 5" unfinished...4.5" finished.  It is made from batiks and is machine quilted.

I thought I had gotten a picture of the label on the back, but I guess I forgot to take one.  



  1. Lovely quilt! I love to 'plan' a quilt that way, make it up as you go!

  2. A very dynamic design and lovely color sense, too! What a great memory you made for this couple.

  3. I have no idea how I missed this! This is a GREAT idea, and you did a GREAT job! You all look like you could be related!