Sunday, September 7, 2014

Kitchen Renovation DONE DONE DONE!!!

Quote for the Day:
"Do not plan for ventures before finishing what's at hand."~Euripides

Almost 3 1/2 years after we started renovating our kitchen, it is FINALLY DONE!!!  You cannot even begin to fathom how happy that makes me!!!  

At the end, Andy finally threw in the towel and told me to hire our friend, Jeff, to finish up the job.  I had been through enough waiting that I readily agreed.  The last couple of weeks have been difficult as we lived with a torn-up kitchen...everything out of the pantry and the free-standing cabinet was moved into the dining room and living room so that the kitchen could be finished up.

The remainder of beadboard was applied to the walls, crown molding added, baseboards replaced, walls painted, and new flooring installed!  My part of the job was to paint the walls and shelves of the pantry before the flooring was to be done, so last weekend was spent doing just that.  After painting the shelves, I covered them with peel-n-stick floor tiles, which has become my modus operandi.  Since discovering that little trick on Pinterest, I now cover all of my shelving with them now.  It makes them very easy to clean and won't need to be changed in my lifetime!  And if anything ever spills on it, a sponge and soap and water makes clean-up a breeze!!  I even cover the shelves inside my cabinets with them...makes it really nice under the sink...if there is ever a water-leak, the wood of the cabinet won't get ruined!  It's like spilling water on your floor...get a towel and mop it up!  LOL

Okay, okay, okay...twist my arm and I'll show you pictures of my new kitchen!!!

I'll start off by showing you what the pantry looked like after I finished last weekend with the painting and shelving...

There were free-standing plastic shelves against the left wall and in front of the window.  Those have been removed and have been replaced by chrome wire shelving units. 

The peel-n-stick tiles on the shelves...

Now for the kitchen tour...25 cents please!  :) 

These are our new counter-tops.  They are laminate, but look like granite.

This is the north-west corner of the kitchen.  The doorway to the dining room is just off to the right that you can't quite see.  I have strategically cropped out anything having to do with the dining room because of the HUMONGOUS mess in there!  ;)  I still have to apply the hardware to the doors/drawers in this bank of cabinets, but that will get done eventually.

This is the north-east wall of the kitchen and is where the fridge was still pulled out in this picture because Andy had to run new water line to the ice maker, which he did yesterday.  The doorway to the dining room is to the left in this picture.  The door that you see on the right goes to the basement.  This picture shows the crown molding and beadboard well.

Continuing on around the kitchen, this is the south-east wall.  The door on the left is the basement door, again, and the door with the window goes to the side part of the wrap-around porch.  

This is the south wall.  We did the stonework two years ago, but I just got it sealed last weekend...something that has been on my "to-do" list.  It is called AirStone and was sooooooooo easy to install but really made a big impact in this kitchen.  There is a vintage, metal, free-standing cabinet that usually resides between the stove and the outside door.  It had some rust on it so I sanded and spray-painted it last weekend and it hasn't made it back into its spot, yet.  That will come later today.

If you continue turning to the right, you will come to this wall...the west wall...

This door leads to the walk-in pantry that I showed you in the first pictures!  Here it is with the new flooring...

This flooring is Highland Hickory XP by Pergo.  It is 10mm laminate and has the padding already attached.  However, since we have an 86 year-old house, we decided to go ahead and put down an underlayment anyway to help keep down noise, etc.  I can tell you that this floor feels as solid and is almost as quiet as our hardwood floor that we had installed in the foyer!  This is the first laminate floor we've ever had in a house and I am quite impressed!!!

This weekend has been spent getting things put back into the pantry in an ORGANIZED manner so that we can actually FIND THINGS when we need them!  What a concept!  LOL

And now...I have to get back at it...there is so much to do with company coming in on Friday!!  Thanks for taking the tour!  :)



  1. It's beautiful -- every first and last bit of it! Your kitchen look gigantic, Loretta. Do you put a kitchen table in the middle of the room?

    1. Our kitchen is 13' X 13'. We do put a small round kitchen table in the middle, however, we are looking into getting an island on wheels that will sit 2 people on one side. When it's just the hubs and me, we eat in the kitchen. Anytime there is more than that, we eat in the dining room anyway. Thanks for your compliments! :)

  2. Your kitchen has been TRANSFORMED! I think it looks terrific, and kudos to all of your laborers! Everything looks slick & new & shiny