Friday, October 12, 2012

A Quilted Wallhanging...

Quote for the Day:
"Spouse: someone who'll stand by you through all the trouble 
you wouldn't have had if you'd stayed single."
~author unknown

This weekend my niece, Kristin, and her husband, Jeff, will celebrate their first wedding anniversary.  :)   

After their wedding, Kristin sent me all the fabric that she had used to decorate the reception hall since she doesn't quilt and didn't have any use for it. 

I love the fabric and was very grateful for receiving it.  They will look beautiful in quilts!  

Remember the "project" that I mentioned in my last post that I said I'd tell you about after it had been received by the "giftee"??'s the story now...

To show my appreciation for the fabric...and as a late wedding gift...I made a wallhanging for the couple out of some of the fabric.   (One of my sisters told me one time that it was "acceptable etiquette" to give a wedding gift up to one year after the wedding [hope this is true!])

I did the embroidery on my Husqvarna Viking Scandinavia 400 sewing/embroidery machine and then machine quilted it on my Husqvarna Viking Platinum 775 sewing machine.   The border is just squares cut from the various fabrics she had sent me.  I didn't use a "pattern", I just improvised it!  :)   

Even the hanger was cut from a piece of the fabric using pinking shears!

I didn't take a picture of the back, but it was a very pretty beige floral fabric that was part of the bundle she sent me.

I got confirmation from Kristin this morning that they had received it and love it!  That is music to any quilters' ear!  That's why we do what we try and share some beauty with those around us!  :)


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  1. And soon I will photograph it in its new home! I think the picture you posted on the wood is beautiful - really shows the different fabrics wonderfully. I hope I can get a well-lit photo tomorrow to send to you!
    Love ya!