Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day...

Quote for the Day:
"Good moms let you lick the beaters...
Great moms turn them off first!"
~author unknown

It's Mother's Day here in the USA and I would like to extend a very happy mother's day greeting to all mothers around the world.  This day celebrates YOU!

I know I haven't posted for a while...10 days to be exact...but who's counting???  But I have been around and have been keeping myself busy and out of least I'd like to *think* that I have been staying out of trouble!  :)

Sewing and quilting projects have been popping I decided to make a "To Do" list for 2012 to keep me on track.  (I am very much a "list" person!  I have lists all over the house...especially when getting ready for a trip!  LOL)

The first item on the list is "Andrew's valance".  Trinity had asked me to make a valance for Andrew's room to go with his "Bug Jar" quilt.  I didn't have all the fabric to make new "bug jars" to make the valance, so I just went through my stash to see what fabric I had left over from the quilt, cut 10.5" squares from those fabrics and sewed them together.  I backed it with plain muslin.

Here's a picture of it hanging vertically from a hanger for the obviously will hang horizontally at the top of the window it is intended for.

I can now scratch the first thing off the list!  :)  However, I need to add "finish 'Blue Ridge Beauty'" to the bottom of the list, now!

I started making blocks for "Blue Ridge Beauty" as a "leader/ender" project back in January.  However,  I frequently worked on it when I wanted to sew, but didn't have anything particular in mind to sew.  I have now finished all 120 blocks needed to make the size quilt I want!  

So for the last couple of days I've been doing a lot of this...

...squaring up all 120 of those blocks!!!  :)    I just want you to know how much I HATE HATE HATE squaring up quilt blocks.  **sigh**   But is it a necessary evil if you want your quilt to lay flat!

Here they all are...all squared up and placed in a box for storing until such time that I can make myself a new design wall and then get them arranged and sewn into a quilt top.

Doesn't look like much, does it?  But there's 120 blocks in there...each block has 12 pieces to it...for a total of 1440 pieces that I have sewn together!  And that doesn't include the borders that I will add to it! 

That's why the description of a quilter is:  Someone who takes LARGE pieces of fabric...cuts them into SMALL pieces of fabric...and sews them back into LARGE pieces of fabric again!  LOL's insanity...but it's fun!  :)

In the meantime, I'm working away on the daffodil quilt that is in my hand quilting frame right now.  I've also been busy doing some mending that's been piling up in my sewing room...when we start running out of clothes to wear, it's time to tackle the mending!  LOL


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  1. Yes, insanity!

    Love the quote for today. My grandmother told that after raising 11 children she wasn't bothered that they were all in school until the day she made a cake and realized there wasn't anyone to lick the beater.