Thursday, December 1, 2011

Do You See What I See....

Quote for the Day:
"Do you see what I see, way up in the sky, little lamb?"
~Do You Hear What I Hear, lyrics

This is what I saw this past weekend...

...that's right...that white along the left side of the picture is the batting at the top of the Sunflower Quilt, which means that I am coming to the end of this quilt and only have about 14" left to quilt on it!    :)  I'm moving right along on it and should have it done and out of the frame before company comes for Christmas!  

That's a good thing!  Because then the roller part of the frame gets turned straight up and down and the whole frame slides up against the wall and out of the way...making room for the bed we put up for guests!   I can do this with a quilt on the frame, but it is easier to do, and you don't "tweak" the quilt top, if there is no quilt on the frame at the time.

Last July, when I went to the estate auction of the quilter and got a great haul, I ended up finding 5-6 pair of scissors among the items I bought.  Two of the pairs were Ginghers, which is an expensive brand and highly treasured by quilters and sewers.   This is one of those pair of Ginghers scissors...

Aren't they adorable?  They are a 4" pair of embroidery scissors.  They are razor sharp and have a nice weight to them, so you can tell right away that they are made with quality materials.  :)  I love the "fabric" design on the handles.

In fact, I like that fabric design so well, that lo and behold...I have some that is almost identical to it in this quilt! 

When I lay my scissors on that particular fabric, they become "camouflaged".  The design is almost identical but the scissors are slightly more peachy whereas the fabric is pink.  Still...I thought the coincidence was humorous!  :)

Okay, so it's the simple things that make me smile!  :)  As long as we keep smiling, I guess that's the important part!  :)


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