Monday, September 26, 2011

Updates On Various Things In My Life...

Quote for the Day:
 "He who laughs last probably didn't get the joke."

Well, well, well...where to start...
There really is no "beginning" and "end" to this post...just little tidbits of things going on in my life right now...

Let's start with this one...
My niece is getting married in just under THREE WEEKS and while I was off of work this past week on a staycation, one of the things that was on my "to do" list was to go shopping for an outfit to wear to the wedding.  Most of my wardrobe is made up of casual clothes since I really don't go anywhere that requires more than that.  Plus, my weight has fluctuated so much over the last several years, that it seems like every season I have to buy a completely new wardrobe.  :(  Not good.  :(  I have the two dresses that I wore at my own kids' weddings, but they seem a little more "fancy" than I want to wear to this wedding.  And, besides, wearing a dress would require struggling with pantyhose and wearing heels...both of which I'm not sure my back could handle right now.  I was thinking more of black slacks with a nice blouse or blouse/jacket combo.

Yesterday, I was at Kohl's to return an item and decided to try on 2 blouses that I saw.  One looked great on me, except that I was between sizes in size was too tight in the sleeves and the next size up looked like I was swimming in it.  :(  The second blouse looked good on the hanger, but terrible, with a capital "T" on me!  Ugh!!  

This morning the light bulb came on in my head that both the dresses that I had worn to my kids' weddings had dressy jackets with them!  I could pair one of the jackets with a white blouse and black pants.  However, after trying both jackets on, I decided that I didn't like the way they fit now.  :(  

BUT...and that is a very big BUT...I did spy a red rayon shirt/blouse in my closet that still fit.  Paired with a white, lacy shell and black pants that I already have and voila...I have me an outfit for the wedding!  AND at no additional cost!  Double win!  :)

Bring on the WEDDING!!!   This old lady is READY to par-tay!!!  :D

Next item up for discussion...

Have you ever thought about doing something, planned for it, dreamed of it, wanted it...only to be REALLY disappointed with the outcome when you finally did it? 

Ever wonder why I haven't yet posted pictures of the finished, bound and washed whole-cloth quilt even though it's been done for a few weeks now???  Well...I'm just really disappointed in what it looks like.

Yeah...that's it.

Since washing out the blue markings basically, it looks like one big blob of white.  :(  The center medallion doesn't show up AT ALL!  :(  I'm really disappointed in it.  I really should have done the quilting in a colored or variegated thread so the design would show up better.

I've been so disappointed in this quilt, that I haven't even put it on our bed to use.  I've had it folded up on a quilt rack with the BACK side showing.  

At least the back has something interesting to look at.  I really love the black and white toile fabric. much for that quilt.  I spent 9 months hand quilting it only to be disappointed in the outcome.  However, I did learn a valuable lesson...I actually LIKE to see the stitching in my quilts!  In the past I have done everything I could to make my stitches virtually invisible.  But no more!  I want to see the stitching and the design!

Based on that nugget of information, I am using a variegated thread on my current quilt...and here are some close-ups of that stitching...

I'm really liking the way this quilt is turning out!  I loved the top before I started the hand quilting, and I'm REALLY liking the hand quilting on this one!  I hope the recipient loves it as much as I do!  :)   Also, because the stitching is not as dense as the whole-cloth quilt was, this one is moving right along!  :)  YAY!  I love it when it goes quickly! 

Okay...on to the next item of business...
Andy & I *did* get back to the kitchen renovation... at least a little bit this weekend.  We got some more beadboard paneling cut and ready to attach to the wall.  (It didn't actually get "attached" yet, but at least it is cut and ready!  LOL)  And we started putting the hardware on the cabinets that are already installed. 

Let me be perfectly clear here...this has been no easy feat!!!  It is a true pain in the you-know-where trying to get these pulls installed.  The drill bit that came with the positioning guide is too is all the others we tried using.  Except for one...which is the right size, but chews up the wood horribly so we can't use it.  Instead, we have to use the next size smaller and work it around till, hopefully, we have made the hole large enough for the pulls, but not so big that they show around the pull.  :(   Why, oh why, can't ANYTHING be easy?

But...we have two attached so far, and hopefully, can get the last two pulls attached and then the knobs on the door fronts.  The knobs should go much easier since they don't sit down inside the wood like the pulls do.  Keep your fingers crossed for us on that one...LOL.

Now...the final item of discussion for couponing this week...


I got $35.17 worth of product, paid $13.07 out-of-pocket, got $15 back in Register Rewards, making this a $1.83 moneymaker for me!

Rite Aid...

I got $27.14 worth of product, paid $2.13 out-of-pocket, got $10.38 back in +Up Rewards, making this a $8.25 moneymaker for me!  :)

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  1. I love your whole cloth quilt. Why don't you consider using "Trapunto" accents to puff up areas of the motifs? It's simple to do.
    Here's a link to the baby blanket I just completed for a customer....
    I can direct you to a simple video if you're interested.