Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Back on Track...

Quote for the Day:
“Even though you are on the right track - you will get run over if you just sit there”
~Will Rogers

If you read my last post you know that one of my goals was to get back on track with the decluttering that I started out to do a couple months ago...before injury and illness befell me.

If you look about my house, it looks clean and neat for the most part.  However...DON'T...I repeat, DON'T, under any circumstances open any doors or drawers.  That is where my clutter is hidden!!!  Yes...I am subversive that way.  :(   I want to get rid of this hidden clutter for a couple of reasons.  First, it feels like a "lie" to me...things look good on the outside but there is mess and disarray inside.  And secondly, I want my house not only decluttered, but also organized!  I want to know where things are and be able to readily find them without moving a ton of stuff. 

Back when I first started this decluttering adventure and blog, I was working on decluttering an armoire in the dining room that we use for storage.   It has a total of 7 drawers in it and thus far I had decluttered 3 of them...and they have stayed that way!  YAY!  

Today I decided to declutter the bottom drawer which happens to be the deepest drawer in the armoire.  This is where I keep padded mailers and a few other miscellaneous shipping materials...and whatever else gets thrown in there.  Most of these envelopes and materials are saved from when I receive things in the mail.  I do believe in recycling to help save the environment and to save money where possible.  It's always nice when doing something for the environment also saves you money!  Padded mailers can be reused at least once, if not more often as long as they are in good condition....but I think most people know that.  :)

This is what the drawer looked like before...

Not only was finding anything in it difficult, but it was also difficult to close!  There was so much stuff that it always got in the way when you went to shut the drawer.

Some items have been moved to a more appropriate storing "like items with like items". 

These items have been "released into the wild" by going into the yard sale box...

Why did I have 100 tea lights???  I don't even use them!  LOL  So to the yard sale they go!

These items have been tossed....


And this is what the drawer looks like now!  :)

When organizing a drawer, containment of small items is key...thus "drawer organizers".....who'da thunk it!  LOL   But look around you and see what you can repurpose for something like this.  In this case, I used a shoe box to contain the cords.   Cheap and readily available!   I know that there are other cords in one of the drawers that I have not decluttered yet, so when I get to that drawer I will move the cords into this box, too.

Thanks for stopping by my blog!  Please leave a comment to let me know you were here and tell me what you have "released into the wild."



  1. No! To Florida the tea lights go! Florida I say! I would like to have them in case I want to use them for the wedding!
    (Now I need to go and read the rest of the blog)
    Love ya,