Monday, June 3, 2013

Trinity's Baby Shower...

Quote for the Day:
It sometimes happens, even in the best of families, that a baby is born. This is not necessarily cause for alarm. The important thing is to keep your wits about you and borrow some money.
~Elinor Goulding Smith 

Memorial Day weekend in Georgia was a BUSY one!  Saturday was Andrew's birthday party, and on Sunday we attended Trinity's Baby Shower!   Prepare yourself for more picture overload!  :)  (And this post contains QUILT PICTURES!!!)

Since Erin & I don't live nearby and couldn't attend the baby shower for Andrew, Trinity's mom and sister, Tonya, made sure to have the shower while we would be in Georgia for Andrew's birthday.  

Here we are waiting for everyone to arrive to get the party started!  


The shower was held in a side room in one of the local restaurants.  The group was small, but we had a BLAST, sometimes laughing so hard our sides were hurting!  :)  The waitresses would stick there head in every so often to see what we were doing that we were having so much fun at! 

There were 3 young girls in attendance:  Sera, Amelia, and Trystan.  We all had fun eating, playing games, and enjoying each others company.  

In this game we had to guess Trinity's waist size at her current 32 week state. looks like someone over-guessed it in this picture!  LOL 

There was also a baby-food tasting game where we had to guess the flavors.  Amelia, age 5, who has a baby sister at home (Kaylee) was the best guesser!  I think she's been stealing bites of her sister's food!  LOL   Let me tell you, after tasting some of this stuff, I am ashamed that I gave it to my kids!!! 

The cake was made by Trinity's sister, Tonya...who is the resident cake-decorator and renowned face-painter!  :)  She also made all the decorations, etc.  (She is a graphic artist, so everything looked so professional!)

Tonya and her mom, Terry, made this "diaper cake".  Now, we've all seen diaper cakes...but have you ever seen one like this???  Everything that went into making this dog-riding-a-motorcycle diaper "cake" is a useable baby item.  The handlebars are baby socks stuck on the end of a rolled-up blanket!!!

Here's Sera writing down her guess for how many M & M's are in the baby bottle...

These are the receiving blankets and matching burp cloths that I made for Alex...

Remember all those projects I was working on but said I couldn't tell you about???  ;)  Well, now I can!  

I made 3 double-sided receiving blankets with crocheted edging.

I also made 4 "paci clips".  One end attaches to the pacifier and one end clips to the baby's clothing.  Then when the baby spits out the pacifier, it doesn't fall on the floor and get all YUCKY!  :)

Of course, I had to make Alex a quilt, too!  :)

 (Mother Goose nursery rhymes on the back)

Trinity's mom also sews and made this blanket...flannel on one side and Minky on the other! 

These two bibs were made by Trinity's mom and sister.  Aren't they just ADORABLE!!!

Now, I will leave you with two videos.  We played a game where you paired up with someone.  Each of you were only able to use ONE HAND. You had to undress a baby doll and then redress it.  The team with the shortest time won, which happened to be Terry and Tonya.  I don't have that video to show you.  However, I will share the video of Trinity and Erin playing the game and one of Terry & me trying our hands at it.  If you ever need a game for a baby shower, this one is THE ONE!  It's just too funny!!



  1. LOL Looks like you all had a great time! The videos are too funny! Your Carpenter Star baby quilt is delicious!

    1. This Scrappy Carpenter's Star was 90% made from leftovers that I cut off of this quilt when making the HST's and flying geese: