Monday, November 19, 2012

Monday Morning Update...

Quote for the Day:

“The love of a family is life's greatest blessing”

~author unknown


The chicks have began returning to the nest!   Paul, Trinity, and Andrew arrived Saturday evening, and Erin and her family will arrive in a couple of days!  Thus has begun the gathering of the family for Thanksgiving!  :)


Andrew LOVES LOVES LOVES the owl hat I made for him!  I think he wore it non-stop the first 24 hours he was here...except when his mom made him take it off for sleeping!  LOL


He doesn't care if it's backwards or not...just as long as it's on!  I'm not even really sure that he cares about the "owl" part of...simply that it is a HAT and he has an obsession with hats!  :)

In fact, sometimes ONE hat is not must wear TWO hats...

As per usual, Ginger has taken to the MEN of the family and has made Paul her new BFF!  

Missy, their Boston Terrier, isn't quite sure she approves...LOL...

I found out that Trinity likes following some of the same TV shows I do after her sister called on Sunday evening to remind her that the new season of "Sister Wives" started that night.  I'm glad Tracy called to remind us, because with all the excitement of family here, I had forgotten!   So Trinity and I watched the season premier of that and then the final episode of "Breaking Amish".   I had my misgivings about some of the things with "Breaking Amish", but was sorely disappointed in the abundance of lies that came out in the interviews of the last 2 episodes.  Let's just say that what little respect I had for the cast before the interview went right out the window afterwards.  I also wonder just WHAT WAS TLC THINKING?   Did they not think that the lies and manipulation of "facts" wouldn't come out?  Or were they duped, too?

And...just for the record...I have read copious books about the FLDS from people who have left the church, as well as an impartial expose, "Under the Banner of Heaven" by Jon Krakauer, that I don't believe everything about "Sister Wives".  However, I find it interesting to watch the dicotomy of what they about being a 'sister wife' being so "wonderful" vs. what they say candidly...and it just doesn't jive.  Neither does what they say about the religion vs. all that I have read/researched about it.'s still an interesting show to watch when you keep your eyes and ears open and have some knowledge beforehand that the show obviously isn't going to give you.  Makes for interesting watching that way!

Now...on to Monday morning...

Last night Trinity and I found a recipe for Crockpot French Toast and tweaked it a little to suit us:

 3/4 of long loaf of bread (we threw in 4 stale hot dog buns, too!)
9 cups milk
8 eggs
2 tablespoons brown sugar
2 tablespoons white sugar
3 teaspoons cinnamon

Spray crockpot with cooking spray.  
Break bread into 1/2 slices and layer in crockpot.  
Mix other ingredients together and pour over bread.
Cook on low overnight 6+ hours.  (I actually cooked ours on "warm" setting for 8.5 hours.)
Remove lid in the morning and cook another 15 min. on high to toast the top.
Serve with maple syrup.


It makes something resembling a bread pudding and is ABSOLUTELY DELISH!!!

And, yes, if that does look like the keyboard behind the bowl, it is!  I eat my breakfast at the computer every morning!  :)  It's how I roll!.  




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